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Pub & Kitchen

Park Road, Westoning
Beds MK45 5LA
T: 01525 712967

Outside of Chequers
Outside of Chequers
Outside of Chequers
Outside of Chequers


Treat your family and friends to a memorable experience at The Chequers.

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Champagne Collet, Grand Cuvee NV Case

The best Champagne that you’ve never heard of!

A bright golden champagne, perfect for any celebration or just to drink on the sofa during Corrie! Country - France, Region - Champagne Grape Varieties - Pinot Meunier 50%, Chardonnay 30%, Pinot Noir 20%

Prosecco Favola Case

There’s Prosecco and then there’s Prosecco.
Vintage - NV Country - Italy Region - Veneto Grape Varieties - Glera 100%

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